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What's Different About Us
Dentistry has advanced so much that it is now impossible to be a “jack of all trades” any more. Similar to hospitals that have different departments which work together to provide the best care, the team of specialists at orthodontix and more work together to provide a level of care not experienced in Cochin ever before. It’s a true group practice of experienced dental specialists.... ALL orthodontic treatment is delivered by an orthodontist, ALL crowns, bridges and veneers are done by a prosthodontist, ALL root-canal-treatment is done by an endodontist, and so on and so forth. We have a general dentist on staff to do cleaning of teeth, simple fillings and extractions, and coordinate treatment for our patients. All our specialists work ONLY within the speciality in which they have spent years training in and excelling in.

So... if you want the best for yourself and your family, come to
orthodontix and more for your dental treatment needs. We are what you deserve.